Saturday, November 3, 2012

Graduation Time: Other Lives Headlines

02 NOVEMBER, 2012
 After a series of high profile opening slots for Bon Iver and Radiohead, Other Lives has hit the road for their first headlining tour.  Through the good offices of Club Mercy, they ended up at Soho in Santa Barbara, and delivered a winning performance, despite technical issues.  The Mac that they ran all their effects through picked this, of all evenings, to go south after seeing them through 200 gigs. 
They seemed to take it harder than the audience, and more than made up for it in the energy department.  To go forward, they ended up throwing over a very distinctive lighting setup of bare bulbs.  The lighting can be seen in the video of "Dark Horse", (below), from their 2011 LP, Tamer Animals.  As well as that album, they mined their brand new EP, Mind The Gap, released just weeks ago, and featuring an Atoms For Peace remix, as well as "Take Us Alive", one of the strongest performances of the evening.  Marking their tenth anniversary of making music together, the band will be mostly sequestered in the studio making their next move, aside from a few one-off dates.

Soren Lokke Juul from Copenhagen performs under the name of Indians, and he established a moody ambience with keyboards in the first few tunes before switching over to guitar.  Hushing the usually noisy Soho, (especially on a weekend evening), is no small feat for a headliner, let alone an opener.  While Indians is a band, tonight it was him, and having just signed with 4AD, the debut LP, Somewhere Else, is scheduled for early 2013.  Charming first single, "Cakelakers", is due out in a few weeks, and can be viewed below.

(more Other Lives photos)

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