Sunday, December 4, 2016

RIP Cash Askew

While news still rolls in on the aftermath of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, it is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing of Cash Askew. Her talents helped shape Them Are Us Too, and on her own as Heavenly. Beyond that, as one who took the responsibility of her scene to heart, aiding and showing the way forward to others, it is a loss we can ill afford. For those wishing to provide aid, please click here. For those in the Bay Area, a memorial will be held at Lake Merritt Monday night, details here.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Allison Crutchfield Takes A Bow...

14 OCTOBER, 2016
In the continuing adventures of the Crutchfield sisters, Friday night at the Bootleg Theater in LA saw Allison take center stage with The Fizz, bringing to life cuts from her solo debut EP, Lean Into It, and previewing songs from next year's full-length. Just a month ago, she was in town as part of the P.S. Elliot reunion, then hit the road with The Fizz opening up for the Julie Ruin. As if that wasn't enough, misfortune struck in the form of a van break-in, claiming hardware from drummer Catherine Elicson, and all of Allison's clothing. Bloodied, but unbowed, they made it to LA for a headlining show.

The night was the working definition of a stacked bill, with Connecticut-based Steve Hartlett leading off with a few Stove songs, then shifting gears into Ovlov material.

Sam Cook-Parrott brought Radiator Hospital to life in solo form, providing a well-received set of mostly new songs, sprinkled with some crowd favorites, and a peek at his most recent project "The Afterglows", before going on to hold down the bass in Crutchfield's trio.

Taken as a whole, the night was an already sepia Polaroid of where these artists are at, steps before they unveil their next offering.


Radiator Hospital

Allison Crutchfield and The Fizz

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Return of P.S. Eliot

P.S. Eliot 
The Echo, Echo Park, LA
09 September, 2016
Celebrating the new release of the band's history, 2007-2011, (via Don Giovanni Records), the revival of PS Eliot is a welcome surprise. Given the Crutchfield sisters' penchant for moving forward, it was totally unexpected, but with most of their current fan base likely having never seen the band, it easily escaped the usual reunion show webs of nostalgia. At one point, Katie Crutchfield stated that their only LA appearance was a house show in Long Beach, and marveled at the packed Echo. Along with sister Allison, Will Granger, and Katherine Simonetti, the quartet was sharp and focused tearing through their catalog with a visible glee, and little rust evident in this tour kickoff. 
Doing the opening honors was SF doom merchants Miserable, led by Kristina Esfandiari, (see also: King Woman), making a rare LA appearance. With a stark, intense set, they raised an admirable bar for the evening. Local favorites Upset filled in the middle without missing a beat, their buzz saw pop providing liftoff, and the bonus was getting to hear a clutch of new songs, which hopefully will be out next year. 

P.S. Eliot 



Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tacocat Takes Santa Barbara

16 JULY, 2016
Tacocat brought their West Coast jaunt to the joint known as Velvet Jones in Downtown Santa Barbara. The zaniness of a Saturday night played perfectly into their hands, and the invasion of a wedding party late in the set only added to the flavor. Breaking out a feather boa led to a running Steven Tyler gag throughout. Songs from the band's latest effort, Lost Time, rightfully dominated the set, with "I Hate The Weekend", "Dana Katherine Scully", and "I Love Seattle" leading the charge, while they also reached back for already classics such as "Hey Girl", "Crimson Wave", and "Psychadelic Quincinera". While touring has honed their tightness, it hasn't been at the expense of their sense of fun. 

Both support acts made an indelible impression. Hayley and the Crushers (from San Luis Obispo) set the pace with a lively set that featured a grinding version of the Go-Go's "This Town" as a most welcome surprise, while LA's Regrettes totally took over with a commanding stint that, for all its energy, hit another level when they dialed it back for "Pale Skin", making an emotional connection with the audience.
A satisfying night all the way through, and a special tip of the hat is due to the Velvet for having an all ages show on a prime night.


The Regrettes

Hayley and the Crushers