Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Word On Behalf Of The Henry Miller Library

Peaking Lights, Woodsist 2012, Henry Miller Library, Big Sur
 One of the divine spots on the Central Coast of California, the Henry Miller Library is a familiar name to anyone who's spent a chunk of time on these pages.  It's a special place, just off Highway One in Big Sur.  A tall order to get to, but one that repays the effort in spades.  Over the years I've had the pleasure of many and varied shows there, and on those occasions when the Library needs the public to step up, (i.e. the new stage!), you can always count me in.  These days the stakes are a bit higher, and at this point I'll defer to someone far more eloquent:
Greetings from Big Sur!  This is Magnus Toren, Executive Director of the Library.
It wasn't too long ago that you joined us in Big Sur for an incredible night of music, mystery, and magic.  I would personally like to thank you for making the trip; we exist as a venue thanks to people like you.
But the reason I'm writing is that this existence is, well... somewhat in doubt.  

As you may have heard, we need to upgrade our water and bathroom facilities to meet country standards and ADA compliance.  Failure to comply means we may no longer have events like the one you enjoyed.
Thankfully, there's good news.  We're getting additional help from Monterey County Gives, a local fundraising campaign.  This is where you come in.
Monterey County Gives will partially-match any donation made to the Library until Dec. 31st.  Better yet, you can get great rewards for donating, like free tickets, books, t-shirts, and more.  (Rewards expire on the 31st!)
So with that in mind, I'd ask you to please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Library.  Any bit helps - even $5! - and your donation's impact will be immediate: it will help build a sustainable future for the Library.
Click here to see the rewards: http://www.henrymiller.org/donate-2/
Click here to donate:  https://www.montereycountygives.com/Donate.aspx
And click here to read a blog about this, which you can forward to your friends!   http://www.henrymiller.org/are-you-35-or-younger-then-your-donation-to-the-henry-miller-library-is-extra-important/
From all of us at the Library, thank you for your continued support and happy holidays!

Magnus Toren

Executive Director
Henry Miller Memorial Library

Here's some memorable moments from the past:


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