Monday, February 10, 2014

Chasms II: The Conjuring

08 FEBRUARY, 2014 
What started as a road trip to see Wax Idols first gig of 2014 took a hit when guitarist Hether Fortune sliced her finger open prior to the show. San Francisco's own Chasms stepped up to the plate and saved the night with an unexpected headlining gig. Within the cozy confines of UC Davis sits the house known as Chillanova, our gracious hosts for the evening. That my attorney and I weren't booted out on sight speaks well of both their hospitality and their sense of humor.
Lost in the scuffle about gentrification in The City and its impact on the music scene is the fact that a ton of bands still remain, and that most cities would be jealous of what is there, in both depth and diversity.
Instead of an anonymous opening slot in front of cross-armed attendees at least a body bag's length away from the stage, Chasms played on the floor in full light, shorn of the mystery of shadows. It was more direct, seduction turned into assault as they reached their peak.While it was not as overwhelming as being pumped through a club sound system, the house setting provided a warmth to their set, and they seemed to dial into a higher wavelength as jams became invocation. With a pair of cassette EP's on Dream Recordings and a 12" single and a forthcoming project on Sleep Genius under their belt, we look forward to tracking the continued progress of Jess Labrador and Sky Madden. On a closing note, sincere thanks to Chillanova House for providing a memorable evening.
My attorney takes stock of the situation...

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