Friday, August 2, 2013

Ready For The Weekend...

26 JULY, 2013
Bay Area to Brooklyn transplants Weekend brought it all back home for an event at the Independent in San Francisco celebrating the release of their 2nd LP Jinx on Slumberland Records. The night featured support by locals Chasms and Wax Idols, (whose set will get its own piece). The question seemingly hovering over the night was how the band followed up 2010's beloved Sports. Jinx is bigger, cleaner, and moodier, recorded in dire circumstances on the West Coast and buffed to a sheen back east. Live, the new songs translate well, with lead vocalist Shaun Durkin keeping the audience transfixed and drummer Abe Pedroza pinned the audience to the walls. The addition of a new bassist allowed Durkan to add to Kevin Johnson's waves of guitar. The set was seeded with enough old favorites, (a stark reading of "End Times"), to keep the faithful in line. All in all, a promising start to an album built for a long tour.
Chasms set the tone for the night with an intense, droning set that built up like holding your breath for half an hour, until the dam broke loose with a set-ending jam that shook the rafters. With one EP, When It Comes, to their name and a new EP, Riser, out shortly, the duo of Jess Labrador and Shannon Madden create grinding glaciers of noise that, while tending long, are so involving that ones scarcely notices the passage of time.  We will cross paths with this band again sooner, rather than later.

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