Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vivian Girls: The Last Waltz

14 FEBRUARY, 2014
It was a bittersweet Valentine's Day as we gathered at the Church On York in LA to bid farewell to the Vivian Girls. As its members cycled into new projects, the band's fate became apparent, and they decided to make it official and give their fans some closure with a series of goodbye shows in NYC and LA, featuring Mark II of the band, lineup-wise, with OG members Cassie Ramone and Katy Goodman joined by drummer Ali Koehler, who replaced original drummer Frankie Rose. Since 2007, the band released three LP's, each with an increasing professionalism without sacrificing any heart. It's a natural life-cycle for a band, but that doesn't make the parting any easier.
Joining in for the evening's festivities were the Aquadolls and Colleen Green, whom we first caught up with in 2012 as part of the Jeff The Brotherhood/Diarrhea Planet traveling cavalcade of fun, and we'll meet again shortly in the company of Portland's Thermals. Last year saw the release of Sock It To Me on Sub-Pop subsidiary Hardly Art.
The Vivian Girls L.A. farewell was all one would hope for, high intensity from the get go, and lump in the throat at several points. It didn't take long for the cable-strewn altar steps to turn into a frothing pit, and as stage divers took flight, the speakers perched perilously on tripods quivered, but stood strong. Through their monitors the sound was good, but as one traversed the hall the high ceilings played havoc, and it was rough going hearing at the back of the house. At the end of the day though, it was the spirit of the show, and a band honoring its roots that couldn't be dimmed.

first stage diver prepares for flight...

Just to bring things full circle, here's a blast from the past, some memories from Vivian Girls appearance at Coachella in 2009:

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