Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Father John Misty: Further Adventures...

22 JUNE, 2013
Last time we caught up with Father John Misty, it was an intimate show at the Soho nightclub in Santa Barbara, heralding the end of his winter tour. After a break, he regrouped to perform at Coachella, and shot through a string of dates across the country. In June, he stopped in Pomona, CA at the Glass House, and put the flame to the heat with a show that kept the bar high, introduced another new song, and ended with one of his wide-ranging covers. As heard in the videos below, it was a home crowd, hooting at his lines, even on the new songs. He wasted no time getting comfortable, wading into the crowd during the opening "Fun Times In Babylon", grabbing an audience member's cell phone, and proceeding to debate the merits of different models.
One of the highlights was the inclusion of the rarely-heard 'bonus verse' to "Everyman Needs A Companion", complete with it's winning line about "matching friendship pentagram tattoos", captured in all its glory below. This I first heard at last fall's benefit for Aaron Embry.

At Soho, we were treated to two new songs from what has been confirmed as a new work in progress: the title track "I Love You Honey Bear" and "We Met At The Store". This evening gave us the gift of "Bored In The USA".

It wouldn't be a Father John Misty show without a notable encore, and this was no exception, as he cherry-picked "Happiness Is A Warm Gun", from The Beatles White Album.

 It was the perfect end to another scintillating performance, with the band hitting on all cylinders, and kind of bittersweet, not knowing when the full unit will reappear. As for the previously mentioned new project, tracking has commenced on the new LP, with info/photo courtesy of the good Father.
White Fence kicked the night off, this time the lineup was just mastermind Tim Presley and a drummer. Our last encounter was at the Woodsist Festival in 2012, and this performance was more obviously focused on Presley, than the band/jamming dynamic that held form there. It was an uneven set, with them wrestling to control the sound, but the weight of his catalogue dictates that, when they were on, everything was going to be okay, and the last half of his set more than lived up to form.

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