Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blonde Redhead: Still Noisy After All These Years

05 SEPTEMBER, 2013
Tuning up for the inaugural LaunchFest in Sacramento, NY experimental indie-rock vets Blonde Redhead found time to visit Santa Barbara, fitting in a night at Soho. Hard to believe that it's coming up on 20 years for the band, the core trio of Kazu Mikino, Simone and Amedeo Pace still sound as playful and lively as ever. Even as their albums have gotten more sophisticated, the live show remains a rocking affair, with keyboards present on the stage, but more often they just fall back on guitar, bass, and drums. They gave a whirlwind tour through their catalogue, and thrilled a standing-room crowd.
For the uninitiated, their back catalogue is an embarassment of riches, and where to jump in depends firmly on your sonic leanings, given their evolution. Penny Sparkle is their most recent, but 23 or Misery Is A Butterfly will prove equally valid places to jump in for their more polished work. If noise is your game, start back with Fake Can Be Just As Good.

The Mast, an electro duo from NYC, brought along by Blonde Redhead for the west coast dates, acquitted themselves well with an intoxicating combination of beats and trippily layered vocals. "Temptation", and the tunes immediately before and after were the heart of the set. Their forthcoming album will be entitled Pleasure Island, and it's set for release as soon as they finalize label details.

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