Sunday, March 10, 2013

Noise Pop 2013: Wax Idols

02 MARCH, 2013
After the smoke cleared from SISU's thoroughly satisfying set, I was ready to kick back and enjoy the rest of the night, looking quite forward to seeing DIIV again, and not quite aware of what was about to hit me. Oakland's Wax Idols hit the stage, and 'took no prisoners' is putting it lightly. Frankly, the entire set was a blur of sweaty goodness for me, and fortunately I had the presence of mind to roll tape and take pictures. The reconstruction is hazy, but thus: Fronted by Heather Fedewa, (AKA Hether Fortune), the band blazed through a set that basically premiered their new LP, Discipline + Desire, out 26 March on Slumberland.
Leading with the LP's unholy trinity opening sequence of "Stare Back", "Sound Of A Void", and "When It Happens" in a mad rush, before falling back on older single "William Says", and a measured, (compared to the preceding), take on "Human Condition", from debut album No Future, (2011-Hozac). Bassist Amy Rosenoff shines, in that laconic Billy Zoom poker-faced way, while new drummer Rachel Travers holds down the fort with power and grace. Guitarist Jennifer Mundy completes the lineup, and her interplay w/Fortune is compelling to watch.
Dipping back into the new LP for "Ad Re Ian", "Scent Of Love", and "Stay In", they brought the ten song set to a rousing conclusion with last year's 7" "Schadenfreude".
Based on the evidence of this set, they appear to be primed for a breakthrough this coming week at the annual SXSW bash in Austin, Texas. Attendees take note, this is a band to put on your must-see list...As for me, we'll cross paths again in LA down the road, and hopefully I'll be able to give a more lucid account.

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