Thursday, March 7, 2013

Noise Pop 2013: SISU/Lenz

02 MARCH, 2013
Saturday night for Noise Pop '13 turned out to be so colossal, it's broken up into multiple parts. DIIV headlined a second consecutive sold out night at the Brick and Mortar Hall, and the full lineup was quality, to say the least. First half of the evening will be covered here: Oakland-based Lenz, and SISU from Los Angeles. SISU, of course, has popped up here a few times, from the Echoplex on their home turf, and on a field trip to Santa Barbara for the New Noise Block Party last fall. Most recently, they bagged a prime East Coast opening slot for Cat Power, and, as this night showed, continue to improve as a live band. The set had some new songs, with "Intimidator" being the prime pick, making one pine for a full-length LP. They built momentum throughout, ending with a powerful one-two punch of "Light Eyes" and "Two Thousand Hands" from last year's EP, Demon Tapes, Vol. II. Another notch in the gun belt for SISU.

Lenz was an unknown quantity to me, at that point, and based on the proceedings, i'll surely be following up on them. The delivered a smart, jangly set that reminded one of the power of the song, and how that craft seems to be a lost art. A pleasurable, but all too brief set, and they left one wanting more. Lenz has one EP, Under Neon, as well as a brand new LP, Ways To Face The Day, out now on 1234 Go! Records

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