Sunday, March 31, 2013

As Falls Veronica, So Falls Veronica Falls

29 MARCH, 2013
While not a patch on the Motown Revues of yore, the Slumberland caravan of stars made it's way down the west coast, landing at the venerable Troubadour for friday night's billing of Veronica Falls, with San Francisco's Brilliant Colors and Golden Grrrls from Glasgow supporting.
Veronica Falls continues to evolve as a touring unit, giving over most of the first half of their set to material from their stellar new LP, "Waiting For Something To Happen". Like the LP, their live takes show a band consolidating their strengths, and sharpening their attack. The guitar swirl of "Teenage" and "Broken Toy" were early highlights. By midway through, they started unleashing songs from their self-titled debut, and the crowd happily ate them up. "Beachy Head", their ode to a suicide destination, garnered an enthusiastic response. It was a pleasure to see the growth in the band since their last visit to LA last year, and if the performance is any indication, you can set a high ceiling on them. They're very close to perfecting their particular strain of 'mope and go', and it will be interesting to see where they venture next.

Brilliant Colors did a short, sharp set, blazing through tracks from their two LP's to date, offering up an unceasing level of intensity. Lead guitarist/singer Jess Scott is a compelling presence, holding court for what was, for me, an all too brief set. They'll be off across the pond next week, heading to the U.K. for a brief tour.
Brilliant Colors
Brilliant Colors
Golden Grrrls made the most of their set on their first trip to the States. The Glasgow outfit focused heavily on their self-titled debut, and had a nice early turnout for their set. Their infectious jangle set the tone for the whole evening. For you East Coasters, they'll be doing a string of dates next week with Sea Lions.

Golden Grrrls
Golden Grrrls
Golden Grrrls

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