Sunday, March 15, 2009

'world keeps turning...'

Interesting coincidences...what would have been the first post of this blog, that for time reasons just stayed buried in the notes, will now see the light of day. And what brought it to light was the surprise re.emergence of a retired band, Australia's Midnight Oil, who saw fit to give it another go in Melbourne, in support of relief efforts for the horrendous fires recently. With Mr. Garrett occupied with his cabinet level position in Australia, it was truly nice to see the boys back in business, and for a cause we here on this coast can truly appreciate. Don't be fooled by the ultra.clean production work on their later LP's, let history note that this was the 2nd loudest band i have ever seen in my life!

As the sun bursts through the rainy season (all of February, and badly needed!), the transition is in place to: Fire Season...pretty much until October. Been very lucky, dodging fires at home & work the last two consecutive's hoping the streak continues...

This dates back to summer, 2008:
The Gap Fire sprung fast from near a gun club, spewing out hard and hot north of the freeway, quickly threatening suburbs still twitchy from the Painted Cave fire, more than fifteen years previous. In just two days, it was thieving headlines from Big Sur, and ever Der Arnold has stepped up to respect, paying us a visit when there are no more chips on the table electorally….very impressive. Sometimes you have to give credit where it’s due, and he’s all of a man on this one.

One voice, however, is recurring…every time I drive the outskirts of the blaze, it intrudes on my consciousness, no matter what else is playing, however loud. High pitched and lonesome, like the hills engulfed…it merges with that particular quality of light and haze, my breathing inhibited as much by the lines that spring to mind as the air itself.

‘World is turning…hope it don't turn away"
NEIL YOUNG: 'On The Beach' 1974

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