Saturday, March 7, 2009

reality interruption...

A.K.A.: 'Black Thursday' in these parts...or: 'And the hits keep coming'. I'm still tracking calls & emails from across the country to see just who survived and who didn't.

Just want to take a moment to say thank you, whether you mentored me, or I trained you, whether i worked with, above, or under you...

To those who didn't go on, thanks for being part of the Family, in times good and bad...

To those who remain, carry on...and good luck, we'll need it!


  1. Ahh that sucks man. Sounds like you made it through?

    We had our layoffs last year..lost about 20-25% of our office staff, including my supervisor. First time we've had to do that I guess - and the closest I've come to losing a job. I work for a large construction company - it's a pretty scary time to be in this industry, but we're getting by.

    This recession is an eye opener..and I hope "we" (as a country) learn something from it. But I doubt it.

  2. yeah...still rockin'.
    it's interesting how the recession impacted different areas of the economy at different times, especially the trades, based on other conversations i've had...seems like the backload of work was there for awhile, then all of the sudden: nothing.
    really hoping the panic subsides and things mellow, but not taking anything for granted at this point.
    it will be fascinating to see how we as a country, let alone personally, reprioritize our economic necessities...(gallows chuckle...).