Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Age: Pier Pressure!

25 JULY, 2013
As part of Echo LA's Twilight Concert Series, No Age came back up to the surface for a rousing sunset show along with Tijuana Panthers. Crowd surfing ensued from the get-go, and when was the last time you saw an opening band get crowd surfers? At times the night seemed exceedingly close to getting out of hand, but everyone minded their manners just enough for the festivities to proceed, and the fire marshals kept everyone on the straight and narrow.
It's been almost three years now since No Age played their most high profile gig to date, an opening slot for Pavement and Sonic Youth at the Hollywood Bowl, and it could be called a career capper. August will see the release of An Object, their followup to Everything In Between, (both on SUB POP), and from their first notes of the night, it became apparent the No Age was back in business.  Focusing mainly on the tried and true in their catalogue, they did find time to slip in a few of the new, including "Lock Box" and "I Won't Be Your Generator". Pared back to the core duo of Randy Randall and Dean Spunt, they're older and wiser, (evidenced by some good-humored observations about series co-sponsor Myspace), but no less ferocious.

As noted, Tijuana Panthers set the tone early on, and got the crowd moving with their surf garage sound. Been meaning to catch them for awhile, and oh so glad i did. It certainly won't be the last time. "Red Headed Girl" from Max Baker was a standout. The Long Beach outfit's most recent release is Semi-Sweet on Innovative Leisure Records.

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