Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stephen Malkmus/Jicks live

Fonda Music Box
19 October, 2011
Energized from last years Pavement reunion, Stephen Malkmus is back to his own devices with The Jicks.  Nearing the end of a US tour to support new LP Mirror Traffic, the band has covered the loss of powerhouse Janet Weiss by adding a new drummer and scaling back on the jams.
The set was concise and fluid, weaving all around the Jicks albums, and then some, working in an ace cover of The Wipers.  Malkmus was his usual elliptical self, stage patter wise, managing to work in a dedication to the late GG Allin midset.
The encore was a generous helping of Blind Faith, dropping into "Eight Miles High", and finishing with Chicago's "Make Me Smile".  Their last LA appearance was an instore at Amoeba Records on Sunset, and the short set there was the perfect setup for the multi-course meal that was this evening's show.

Opener Ty Segall represented the Bay Area with pure garage rock heaven.  His band was high energy and razor sharp, following his every move, with Emily standing out on drums.  The set focused on the recent release Goodbye Bread, and "The Floor" was the highlight of the night.  A band I'd had on my list to see anyway, it was a treat to get them as an opener, and I'll certainly follow up with them on their own.
Come 2012, Segall is looking to release not one, but two new albums, one of which will be recorded with this touring unit.

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