Monday, March 5, 2012

"But I logged on right at 10AM..."

More than ever, it seems, getting tickets to a hot show is problematic.  Good old supply and demand.  With certain high profile dates this year, especially at smaller venues, it has been impossible even for seasoned people consistently refreshing to break the ice and get through.  In some cases it's the size of the venue versus demand, but a pattern is emerging that suggests that that is not the only obstacle facing the modern ticket buyer.  For soon afterwards, the show that sold out so quickly suddenly has many tickets available online at sometimes exorbitant prices.

Courtesy of Shocklee, what follows is a U.K. documentary "Dispatches: The Great Ticket Scandal" done by Morland Sanders for Channel Four, that goes undercover into the secondary sales sites with some fascinating results.  This is the U.K, but considering the source, it certainly gives one pause...

To what degree this situation exists stateside is up for argument, but certainly not out of the realm of possibility.  The battle lines are being drawn around secondary sales from a legislative standpoint with the advent of groups supporting them taking a stand that they're doing it for the consumer.  So when you encounter the doggerel in the future as this battle heats up, the only advice I would give in sorting it out is that fabled Watergate era chestnut, "Follow The Money..."

Endnote: One of the companies involved filed an injunction to prevent the airing of the show, see Channel Four's response here...
The injunction was unsuccessful.  The continuing saga can also be followed on Twitter with the hashtag #TicketScandal

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