Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nude Dragons?!

No silly...that would be Soundgarden. The subject was reunions, apparently, and this one is shaping up to be quite the little noisemaker. Somewhere around the turn of the year, word went up on Soundgarden's website that they were back in business, with news to come. Yonder round the middle of April, i got a heads up that they were doing a warmup in Seattle...unfortunately i was in Indio at the time (preoccupied, you might say).

With many thanks to the band and their cohorts, they've made some footage of 'Beyond The Wheel' available from that show. (Filmed and edited by Kevin Shuss, recorded by John Burton, mixed by Adam Kasper)

I was hoping that they might pull it together for Coachella, but that didn't happen. They would have fit in well on Saturday night. Looks like the Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee drew the lucky straw this year...Our friend TC in Milwaukee will be attending, so we'll lean on her to be our roving reporter...

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