Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Broken Social Scene live...

Music Box at the Fonda Theater
03 May, 2010

Broken Social Scene hit the stage at precisely 10pm, Toronto's conquering heroes returning to the Music Box at the Fonda Theater.

They immediately tore into 'World Sick', and set the pace for the whole show, drawing heavily from their latest album, 'Forgiveness Rock Record' (out today on Arts & Crafts). As co-founder Kevin Drew noted, "That's why we're here..."

The gregarious Drew served as host for the night, explaining bassist Brendan Canning's pastier than normal complexion on a bout with the flu. Canning stuck with it, and thanked the crowd for breaking his fever.

Featuring a daunting front line of guitars, additional keyboards, and a recurring horn section, they filled the stage and ripped through 'Texico Bitches', (video below), brought up a fan from the audience to hang out during an impassioned 'Forced To Love', and woke the crowd up hard by sliding in "Cause=Time" from 'You Forgot It In People'. The band dialed back the crunch to feature Lisa Lobsinger on "All In All", then segued back to the high energy.

All told, a welcome return to action by the Canadian collective, and here's hoping that they continue their winning ways...

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