Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it's alive...(coachella preamble)

...and lived to tell. Right now it's all a blur, but we will step through it piece by piece, a day at a time. Quick summation, 5th one i've been to, and while there have been better individual sets, pound for pound this was the best fest ever. Major shout.outs to Paul T & the Goldenvoice crew: your lineup agonizing paid off in spades, and lastly, not leastly: Jeff Cook & my peeps at the Best Western Date Tree Hotel for letting us be part of the family...Too much of our lives we spend wandering around like the freaks that we are, and to be accepted & embraced for our eccentricities is refreshing...go Date Tree.

Image recap: above, stage lights vs. sunset at the Outdoor Stage sunday night. Below: the Flaming Lotus Girls' installation: Serpent Mother, (at night!), and further below, at rest during the day...


  1. Awesome!
    How was the heat - that one time we went (did we run into you there? It was the Radiohead & Kraftwerk year) it was insanely hot.

  2. yes & yes...
    fri was cool, sat & sun scorching...
    and it was radiohead/kraftwerk year! amazing day that was...

  3. Damn. Now that it's over I can safely look at the performer list without getting too pissed. Shit. Some good bands in no particular order, he's the ones that I wish I'd seen - how many of these did you catch?:

    Hold Steady, Silversun, A.T.E., TVotR, Bob Mould, YYY, Gaslight Anthem, Killers, Okkervil.

    Wow. I just realized that my top 4 current bands (Hold Steady, TVotR, Gaslight, ATE) were there. Double shits.

  4. missed gaslight (conflict), blew of killers (i'm like that), conflicted w/TVotR & Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but had seen both before...Hold Steady was ok, but Finn was sick or something, ok but not super, & meanwhile, los campesinos were absolutely destroying their set, so i went back to them. plan was to do 50/50, but los camp will out.
    Bob Mould wrecked it; i'm uploading video right now...great no bullshit set & next loudest thing to MBV...(and he was in a tent!) i head left my earplugs at the hotel, figured i wouldn't need them until MBV, but just the drummer whacking his snare made me jump, so i reverted to the time honored trick of liberating two cigarette filters, peeling off the paper & wadding them into my ears! it worked.
    missed silversun...
    Looking past the headliners, it was just the deepest i've ever seen. tough choices...but good times.

  5. Just saw your other post - looking forward to the rest. I haven't heard of the Campin... folks, will check them out.

    The Killers are a guilty pop pleasure for me I think. They annoy me sometimes, yet in general the albums are consistent and reliable as what they are. I tend to avoid the 1st one though.

    MBV seems to be back with a vengeance.

    I've seen TVotR once and it was probably the best show I've been to. I'd do it again. Hold Steady I've seen once too, but the venue sucked ass (little bar under/above the Crystal Ballroom) and I'd like to see them in a decent setup.

    Your tastes run much deeper than mine, I'm sure that band list made a lot more sense to you than me - I probably only recognized the top half or so.