Thursday, April 2, 2009


One of my favoritest of collectives, that wonderful group of oddballs known as Stereolab, have seen fit to post this announcement on their site of Web:

Dear All,

As we recently made #51 with
Emperor Tomato Ketchup in the Amazon 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of all Time we feel that our work is done for the moment.

We have had to cancel the last two shows that we were scheduled to play, apologies to all that had bought tickets, and there are no plans to record new tracks.

Duophonic are working on the release of
Chemical Chords 2, we also have plans for a new Switched On and remastering of the back catalogue.

We are are all going to have a bit of a rest now after nearly 19 years and work on a few other projects.

The website will still be updated and disks released but there won't be any new Stereolab product for a while.


However long they are on hiatus/sabbatical/pause/intermission/breather, they will be missed!
On the heels of all the stupendous April Fools Day shenanigans, most notably Trent Reznor wielding a sense of humor usually well hidden, and the hijinks of the one and only Sufjan Stevens, I hope this is another go, but i fear not. We wish all the best, and thank them for their grace and acheivements...


  1. The Reznor thing is funny.
    I could never get into Stereolab - someone tried to get me into the albums but it just never clicked.

    PS Blogger is driving me nuts with the busted OpenID thing.

  2. woot! Fine on my end...

    do i have to look in a different place now, or is your migration complete?

  3. I'm in a new place:

    BUT the old link should redirect you.