Thursday, August 27, 2015

Echo Park Rising: Wax Idols

15 AUGUST, 2015
After stepping back from her stint as touring bassist in White Lung, Hether Fortune finished tracking the newest Wax Idols LP American Tragic, (due out in October via Collect Records), and started to get the machine in motion again. The Origami Vinyl showcase at Echo Park Rising was the perfect place to road test two new band members, (Marissa and Peter), and the new songs, in preparation for the national tour in October/November. Blitzing through a set that started heavy with "Sound of a Void", "Dethrone" and "Ad Re Ian" from Discipline + Desire, they moved mid set into the new songs, with Fortune stepping back from guitar to focus on the songs, and even drop a quick rap. New man Peter earned his stripes here, covering all the guitar ably. Marissa stepped into large shoes filling the bass chair, but pulled it off with steady runs and backup vocals. The LA native seemed to have most of her family in attendance, which raised the energy level. The new songs are fascinating and a whole new level for Hether, and even in the imposing space of the loft of Origami Vinyl, the band seemed already in mid-tour form, fiery as ever. Check the amazing version of "Deborah" below, as well as live staple "Dethrone'.

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