Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spoon: Live At Amoeba LA

06 AUGUST, 2014
In honor of their first LP release in over 4 years, Spoon dropped in to Amoeba Music in Hollywood the day after release day for an instore performance, giving a packed house a thorough taste of They Want My Soul. Launching right into the first three songs, "Rent I Pay", "Inside Out", and "Rainy Taxi", they were loud and sharp, covering most of the Spoon emotional/musical spectrum. Moving on to "Knock Knock Knock", they raised the tension level, before throwing the audience a sizable bone, with a take on "I Turn My Camera On" that set the store in motion, and made one fear for the fixtures. The real jawdropper was next, as they stomped into "Small Stakes" from Kill The Moonlight, and the party was seriously on. Cruising home with two of their signature songs: "Don't Make Me A Target" and "Got Nuffin'", the job was complete, and a sizable line awaited at the signing table with records in hand.

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