Monday, July 21, 2014

Jurassic 5: Word Of Mouth Reunion Tour

13 JULY, 2014
What started as a handful of festival performances last year, including SF's Outsidelands,  has morphed into a full-blown tour. Jurassic 5 is officially back, right down to their new single, "The Way We Do It", produced by Heavy D. The wonder of their initial tour dates was that they could still be so incredibly tight, and now, with many more shows behind them, including a command sunset performance at Glastonbury this summer, and freed of festival time constraints, they were an absolute monster. The double-shot of "Quality Control" and "Concrete Schoolyard" remains a high-water mark, and watching them navigate the dense lyrical thickets never gets old. With all the old crew in tow, they turned the Bowl into a party zone for the hardcore.
Support for the evening was provided by MC Supernatural, who made many converts with his freestyle skills, capping his set by having the audience hold up objects from their pockets, which he proceeded to work into his verses. LA's own Dilated Peoples held down the center slot, providing a sneak peak of their forthcoming LP, Directors Of Photography, due next month. Based on the reception that their new single, "Show Me The Way" received, it would appear that they're on track. Rewarding the hard core, a notable set moment was them pulling a cat named James out of the audience to hold his own on some verses. As a mission statement, it worked to encompass the whole evening as a reminder of a time when Hip Hop was about family.

James, from the audience, (center), taking care of business


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