Monday, June 2, 2014

On The Road With Chasms

30 MAY, 2014
Huddled in the shadows of the San Luis Obispo airport lies The Compound. The control tower light carves out the night sky, momentarily throwing the industrial surroundings into stark relief. For a band that courts the shadows, there could be no finer setting. Recently we caught up with Chasms on their home turf of San Francisco as they shook off the dust and prepared for the next step. The next step for Chasms is a forthcoming LP release, Subtle Bodies, that cherry picks their EP's: When It Comes and Riser, and adds a stunning new track. It's available to pre-order at Sleep Genius, and is the impetus for a series of Southern California shows to spread the word, with the duo joining All My Sisters to play shows in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Monica, leading up to a full-fledged release bash at the Milk Bar, back in The City, in mid June. Tonight in SLO was the second stop, and found them already in mid-tour form, cranking out their set with verve, surrounded by a small but vocal crowd. What started as a noise-based communion, (or should that be Based Noise), is evolving into something special. Highlights can be found below, including a stellar take on the title track of the Riser EP. May their road be smooth...

After the set, the scene evolved into a full-fledged house party, and after a week on the road myself, it was nice to feel like I was at home. The Compound, to fill in the gaps, is the hideaway/studio space of Some Ember, who have an LP of their own out, and it's been occupying a lot of my earspace lately. A special shout out to their hospitality, and we'll look forward to catching up with them in the future.

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