Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the volume dealers: Cheatahs at Amoeba SF

01 MARCH, 2014
In the midst of a quick US tour to further the cause of their self-titled debut LP on Wichita Recordings, Cheatahs did the San Francisco thing in honor of the Noise Pop Festival, and the London-based quartet, whose members span the globe, found time to work in an in store appearance at Amoeba in SF. Their set was generous, laying down most of the album pitched at club level, and with no punches pulled. I can say without reservation that I regretted the earplugs that lay on the dash of my car, doing good to no one but the omnipresent meter people. While much has been made of their shoegaze roots and antecedents, it's what they do with it that counts. Usually the last thing i want to hear is an album replicated, but in this case, it was amazing to see that lush cave of sound recreated by just four people. At this point, the record is so addictive that the only thing that will suffice is more...

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