Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Joy Formidable at the Bowl

26 OCTOBER, 2013
The Joy Formidable returned to Santa Barbara, cashing in an upgrade from their last appearance at Soho to the spacious confines of the SB Bowl stage. When last we saw them, they made a rare club appearance at the venerable Troubadour in LA, roughly a year ago, getting back on the road in preparation for their January release, Wolf's Law. As the guests of Passion Pit, they were given a healthy opening slot that they tackled with brutal efficiency, not batting an eye at the guests drifting in, but keeping their focus on the job at hand. Their set was primarily of the new LP, with a few bones thrown at the end, including a showstopping take on "Whirring" to please the hard core. They always live up to their name onstage, and while the new LP is as polished and precise as anything they've ever done, it didn't detract from their live energy at all, as the new songs were stripped to their core, and the slower songs were dropped in favor of a short, sharp, shocked approach. Kudos to Passion Pit for having the faith in themselves to follow this group on stage, not an enviable task, as Joy Formidable once again showed that they are a force of nature as a live act.

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