Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Citizen Rollins

 Henry Rollins took a moment from his gallivanting around the world to touch down and spend some quality time at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo, sharing his observations, pithy and otherwise, doing his standard two hour plus, no break, no water, barely blinking spiel to a house of diehards who eagerly lapped up the wit and wisdom of Citizen Rollins.
The evening swung between hilarious and heartbreaking, Rollins riffing off an Abraham Lincoln speech to lightly touch on the current election, bemoaning the loss of entertainment value as certain candidates are shed from the process, extolling the wonder of Austin, Texas, Planned Parenthood, and Tom Waits and Omelettes...
The second act, as it were, worked off of letters he's received, The Joy Of Turning 50, what a badass Dolly Parton is, and life in the van, before turning to the final stage, and the highlight of the evening: his most recent travels to North Korea and Haiti.  His travels are always a good reminder of the universal currency of humanity-no matter whom the leaders of a particular country are, there is joy to be found among the people.
And so ended another peek into the endlessly fascinating world of Henry Rollins.

If you want to keep up with Henry, he is still doing his radio show, having migrated from the late 103.1 FM to his current home of KCRW.
If you've never had the please of live inundation in Mr. Rollins vision, here's a taste:

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