Thursday, May 5, 2011



It was a gathering of the tribes for Mudhoney at the Echoplex (beneath the Echo) on a Sunday night that history will remember for a whole lot more...

White Flag opened the proceedings, dialing it back to the early '80's in both spirit and execution, turning in a hearty set of loud fast rules...

The Adolescents filled the middle with an intense set of more political minded, but just as spiky tunes, very well played.

For the main event, Mudhoney spread the love across their whole catalogue, not stinting on their major songs, but seeming to pull something from all of their albums. Speaking of turning the clocks back, they've lost none of their fire, and the pace was relentless...

Turnout was not all it could have been, with plenty of walking room in the back, especially considering the depth & breadth of the bill, and the lack of bodies packed in gave the sound an extra wobble, but the band perservered, and everything that went into the grinder came out Mudhoney.

Setlist (courtesy of the Mudhoney page linked above):
You Got it, Suck You Dry, Inside Job, This Gift, Into the Drink, F.D.K., Hard-on for War, When Tomorrow Hits/In 'N' Out of Grace, Sweet Young Thing, Judgment Rage..., No One Has, Good Enough, Touch Me I'm Sick, The Open Mind, The Lucky Ones, Next Time, I'm Now, Tales of Terror
Encore: Sonic Infusion, Who You Drivin' Now?, Hate the Police, Fix Me
Notes: They drop 'Blinding Sun,' from the encore because Steve has been ripping up his fingers playing it the previous two nights.

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