Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Neko Case & 826: Last Chance!!!

Neko Case's co-star on the cover of her last LP, Middle Cyclone, is today's topic of interest. To benefit the good works of 826 National, Neko has donated her beloved wheels, (which she named "Angie Dickinson"), for the raffle that has been dubbed the "Mercury Cougar-Rama Muscle Car ‘Splosion".

Today is your very last chance to obtain this bitchin' 67 Mercury Cougar...That would be 5pm Pacific time on 17 March, 2011. Operators are standing by.

A game of chance is always a risky thing, and some of you are more daring than others. The main thrust of this piece, and the raffle, is to sound the horn for the work of the 826 family, and its increasing importance in this time of shrinking education funding.

To wit, the foundation focuses on kids writing skills through workshops, tutoring, student publishing, field trips, and more. Spurred by author Dave Eggers, (A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, etc), 826 Valencia in San Francisco was the original outpost, funded in part by the adjoining pirate supply store!, that has grown into a nationwide organization. If you do nothing more than hit the links, learn about them, and maybe even do the 'like' thing, for those of you who are Facebook inclined, then I would consider that a victory.

Me, (vroom vroom), I'm a gambling man...

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