Monday, December 27, 2010

Final Top Ten! (Guilts & Regrets...)

File under: 'Only so many minutes in the day...', but now that the Lists are over, the one most occupying my time is the 'How The Hell Did I Not Buy That Yet?' list...Scary part is that I think all of these could have comfortably found a spot in my year end parade...sigh.

10) JONSI: Go
9) ABE VIGODA: Crush
7) *NATIONAL: High Violet
6) BLACK KEYS: Brothers
5) *WALKMEN: Lisbon
4) MASSIVE ATTACK: Heligoland
3) TED LEO & PHARMACISTS: The Brutalist Bricks
2) THERMALS: Personal Life
1) FLYING LOTUS: Cosmogramma

* Bought within last two weeks...I'm trying! (Like the Walkmen, National is a grower-very strong)

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