Friday, October 29, 2010

Pixies bonanza!

Big surprise dump from the Pixies camp, their 2004 set from Coachella, available as part of a continued expansion of their online concert offerings. What a treat it is to relive this set, & Kim Deal isn't kidding in the least, it was hot that day!


  1. Man, what is up with their obsession with "In Heaven" (it was the vid up on their site for the concert)? It's one of the few (the only?) Pixies song I dislike. It's also one of the ones Kim wrote (I think), so at the time we were thinking it was some kind of concession to her (how frequently they played it and talked about it and such).

  2. nice! always had a soft spot for it like the Velvet Underground songs that featured Mo Tucker, or the Dream Syndicate song that Kendra Smith sings...It's own special charm let's say...