Tuesday, April 6, 2010

freedom is just another word...

<a href="http://amandapalmer.bandcamp.com/album/do-you-swear-to-tell-the-truth-the-whole-truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth-so-help-your-black-ass">Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass by Amanda Palmer</a>

So Amanda Palmer finally got dropped by Roadrunner Records, (with whom she came to loggerheads back after non.support of Dresden Dolls record #2), and has decided to celebrate by immediately releasing a new song! Nice touch is a letter on her blog, thanking the label for its efforts on her behalf...It's a brave new world out there!


  1. The title immediately triggered the Cake lyric "Friend is a four letter word." Amanda Palmer has always come off like too much of a a fame/attention monger to me. Neil Gaiman sure seems to like her though.

  2. Absolutely...total monger, but in the revenge of the outcast mode, taken to it's most worrying extreme. I'm hoping this clears the decks for another Dresden Dolls project, to be selfish about it...but she has my buy in, (musically), & I'll check out wherever she may go. Really compelling performer, when you get away from the Twitter empire & relentless self promo. Somewhat necessary now, from a business model standpoint.
    I think a lot of Neil peeps were bummed that her red carpet shenanagins got more notice than him at oscars. It's an adjustment for them I'm sure...