Monday, January 25, 2010

Radiohead, II

Never did up my ended up at $475 when the auction closed. Ended up raising $572K according to preliminary reports...Celeb attendees apparently included Daniel Craig and Charlize Theron, amongst others...

Set list (Via At Ease):

01 Faust Arp
02 Fake Plastic Trees
03 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
04 The National Anthem
05 Nude
06 Karma Police
07 Kid A
08 Morning Bell
09 How to Disappear Completely
10 A Wolf at the Door
11 The Bends
12 Reckoner
13 Lucky
14 Bodysnatchers
15 Dollars & Cents
16 Airbag
17 Exit Music

Encore #1

18 Everything in Its Right Place (Thom)
19 You and Whose Army?
20 Pyramid Song
21 All I Need

Encore #2:

22 Lotus Flower
23 Paranoid Android
24 Street Spirit (fade out)


  1. Looks like a great set - they played enough of the old (re: "good" in my book ;) stuff that I might have actually been interested.

    Nice of them to do it, and I hope the $$ makes it through the system to actually do some good.

    GRRR blogspot and their faulty openid verifications....

  2. Agree w/open id-hates on me too. Long setlist-not just a hit & run show. I thought they would play w/more new stuff since they're recording, but the mindset seemed to be value for £, which is commendable. Missing that show is going to haunt me for a long time in the 'should I o shouldn't I dept. File under wahhhh!
    On the flip side, I finally get to see the thermals (yay portland!) in a few weeks, & I'm way looking forward to that. Trying to have a good sense of humor about attending all ages shows at this stage of the game...grandpa rocks!

  3. Heyyyy those guys have a nice sound. Shows you how much I miss these days, thanks for the heads up.

    The show that haunts me currently is, I think, Springsteen came through like 2 tours ago, with the band, and I didn't go. Then, the next time he came through was on the folk music tour with that band (which I had no desire to see), then he skipped Portland entirely (I think) on the last tour soooooo I'm afraid I may have missed my opportunity to see the band in all its glory.

    I mean, I obviously did since Federici is gone now :(. So, yeah, I know the feeling.

    By the way, grandpa does indeed rock. You can bet your ass I'll be taking my boys to shows... and probably still going with them long into my 60s (if they'll let me!). Lots of time to catch up on once they get back to that stage.