Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade (top 25 ish)

Has it really been a year of these scattershot missives? Might as well take it out the same way we started, typing madly after a long days work with one eye open in the dead of night, waiting for the fireworks that will undoubtedly scare the bejesus out of the dog that snores next to me...

Everyone else is doing a Decade list, so what the hell...we like our lists here, yes we do...also pretty fond of those ellipses, i a nutshell, albums that kept me going through the Miserable Years, as history surely will look back on at least eight of those years...

25) DIPLO/SANTOGOLD top ranking (2008)
24) RYAN ADAMS gold (2001)
23) THERMALS the body, the blood, the machine (2006)
22) DRESDEN DOLLS yes virginia (2006)
21) NEKO CASE fox confessor brings the flood (2006)

20) CAT POWER you are free (2003)
19) OKKERVIL RIVER black sheep boy (2005)
18) ARCTIC MONKEYS whatever people say i am, i'm not (2006)
17) SPOON ga ga ga ga ga (2007)
16) WILCO yankee hotel foxtrot (2002)
15) SLEATER KINNEY the woods (2005)
14) AT THE DRIVE IN relationship of command (2000)
13) SUFJAN STEVENS come on feel the illinoise! (2005)
12) FUGAZI the argument (2001)
11) PORTISHEAD third (2008)

10) ...AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD source tags and codes (2002)
9) DANGERMOUSE the gray album
8) BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE you forgot it in people (2002)
7) WHITE STRIPES white blood cells (2001)
6) BLACKALICIOUS nia (2001)
5) RADIOHEAD kid a (2000)
4) GRANDADDY the sophtware slump (2000)
3) GILLIAN WELCH time the revelator (2001)
2) SUN KIL MOON ghosts of the great highway (2003)
1) PJ HARVEY stories from the city, stories from the sea (2000)

final thoughts...heavily weighted to the beginning of the decade, interestingly enough...make of it what you will...the main point is to tip albums you might not know, or inspire rediscovery...and let's call #26) YO LA TENGO i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass

happy new year!

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