Tuesday, February 24, 2009

time to go to school;)

Alright, today is just about fun...
takin' it back to the old school!

This is so righteous...many thanks go to the local, Boo Boo Records!
Also, in the mighty month of April, please don't forget Record Store Day!!


  1. You know, my mom, dad, grandparents, step-mom - and probably some other random relatives - all used to work at the Columbia Records record "factory" back in the 70s I think. In Santa Maria maybe? Or San Luis? Somewhere in there.

    After the divorce, my mom had tons and tons of records that I guess they got for free, but she never really listened to. I did, and it's how I first encountered groups like the Zombies and the 5th Dimension.

    There was, also, of course: The Gambler.

  2. wow, who knew? that is so cool; i had no idea there was a plant up here...
    makes sense for real estate values, (at the time), and proximity...

    yay zombies! (in general, and the group...)

  3. Just checked with my mom..was like '71-74 in Santa Maria if that helps.

    When they split, my mom kept all the non-Elvis records (my dad is a big Elvis fan) - I bet she never listened to 90% of them, but I think I went through all of them at least once. There was just something magical about throwing the needle on the vinyl..cds and digital are awesome, but not magical.

  4. Very hip...santa maria, who knew?

    i tend to set aside 'vinyl days'...it really is fun; i love the trend of free digital downloads w/new vinyl purchases, i've actually bought a handful of new things on vinyl last year, (mudhoney/okkervil river), and will continue to do so, as availibility permits.