Friday, January 16, 2009

roots, part one

A passing reference in an article on southern soul yielded the name Joe Tex…surely in those AM radio days I’d run across his singles, ‘Skinny Legs & All’ jumped to mind…but this was different, something deep down gnawing at me.

I closed my eyes and it came to me…stabbing horns piercing the gray matter and that inimitable gutbucket growl building to a shriek: ‘I Gotcha’…the first 45 I can remember acquiring of my own volition (dumb luck)…after all these years, it was still buried there in my brain, as a quick trip to the web quickly confirmed.
try this...

The circumstances are fuzzy, some flea market/jamboree or somesuch at the county fair grounds resulted in digging through a box and claiming my prize…I remember playing the hell out of it initially, but I don’t remember it from later…not terribly appropriate for an eight or nine year old, & was probably seized on those grounds, or spun into orbit for it’s sheer annoyingness…either answer is fair enough…
But now I understand a little more clearly my affinity for that particular school of soul.

Grazzi, Mr. Tex, wherever you are…

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